Circle of Faith


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He is the author of “A Song Writer’s Story.

Accomplished musician, (Guitar, piano, bass & vocal) successful award winning composer/arranger.

In fact, the LTraining® patent Suriano was awarded uses music as the foundation.  Through the years, Suriano has composed numerous jingles for radio and television including local, regional and national companies as well as corporate scores for such companies as AT & T, Prudential, Samsung, Revlon, Ricoh and many more.  He has composed original music for NBC- (Soap operas), TV Themes for programs on the Learning Channel and other special projects.


Suriano is the founder of Circle of Faith a Christian pop band featuring lead vocalist TK Pry.  Circle of Faith is signed  to “Break In The Clouds” and "Amurco" record labels in the UK.  The band performs concerts and has a successful album which is getting much airplay and is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

January 2015, Suriano appeared live on WEZE-Boston along with TK Pry, lead singer of Circle of Faith, providing both an interview with the host as well as performing over the air.