LTraining – (Patented Methodology)

When challenged in 1999 by retail executives who were trimming costs by hiring mostly part time associates, of a better method for training, Suriano created a better method of training known as  LTraining®.  Today LTraining® is not only the most effective way to teach people what they need to know it remains the only training method that has been patented.

LTraining® is based on a science of trainee response,  and combines the four learning methods of audio, visual, tactile and kinesthetic into one program.  Today LTraining® has been used by more than 4 million trainees and scores over 90% retention in a single session.

LTraining® is delivered in three ways: Headset, interactive online and App.   Headset is idle for hands on requirements such as product knowledge and systems training.  Many businesses have used this method to teach everything from basic new hire skills to learning about products as well complicated software and POS systems.

Interactive online training allows the trainee to learn at at terminal while engaging them through participation during the entire program.  When applicable, the trainee also utilizes a headset program for hands-on skills and then returns to the terminal for testing and follow-up instruction.

LTraining® uses carefully custom created music sound beds under well-delivered narration.  The music allows the programs to move along in an info-training manner often making training sessions appear shorter than they actually are.  What’s more, the music changes simultaneously when the thought changes to help keep the trainee focused on what he or she needs to learn.

LTraining® is also readily available in APP delivery, which is very popular and combines the benefits of headset and interactive online into one program.  Suriano’s firm, The TSi Company ( can provide all means of training for any business or the TSi team can guide a company’s in-house training staff on how to create and produce successful LTraining® modules.

Companies such as Kohl’s, PETCO, Revlon, HomeGoods, DXL are just a few of the many companies having great success with LTraining®.  LTraining® users have seen huge increases in conversion from product training and as much as 15% increases in comp store sales.